Welcome to Waylost.

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Welcome to Waylost.

Post by DM_Clockwork on Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:28 am

The tiny village of Waylost represents a haven for travelers heading North from the city of Mogar. It strides the edge of Everlost forest, a strange place where even well trodden roads can lead to unexpected places. Travelers to this forest have reported an almost Sigal like atmosphere where gathering mists can open to places thousands of miles away or even to other planes of existence. travelers have noted seeing images from places both wondrous and terrible.

Rumors of a forgotten city in the heart of the forest centered by a massive tower that seems to pierce the very clouds are widely circulated in local folklore and occasionally a traveler or local will claim to have seen it, though many are skeptical that a tower higher than the peaks of Mogar could exist and not be readily seen across half the kingdom. The legendary city has become Known locally as "Foreverlost" as it defies all attempt to be truly discovered.

(((The Waylost region is planned to be added by 1/14/2017 and will coincide with the Saturday event)))


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