Andersons Legacy - Plotline

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Andersons Legacy - Plotline

Post by DM_Clockwork on Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:55 pm

The Anderson family was a wealthy and influential part of the community of Jalhome. Mr. Anderson was a well-known benefactor of the towns youth and whose generous nature gained him renown thorough the region until one day he was found brutally murdered by a werewolf. His daughter Mili Anderson was last seen guiding a team of mercenaries into the wilderness to kill the creature and avenge her father. The mercenaries returned with news that the creature was killed but Mili has not been seen since. The official report of the guard reads that she died heroically avenging her father, however some children have reported seeing her at the edges of town. More recent reports have said that a woman of her description was seen near Berrymuck though the local druids deny this claim.

The Anderson household has since been converted and enlarged to serve as an orphanage according to the mans will. It has become a haven for the troubled youth of Torr to find a new life.


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