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Server Events

Post by DM_Clockwork on Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:36 pm

Every Saturday the server will host an event at 5:00 PM GMT (12:00 N EST)
These events will be held weekly so long as people show up for them, if after 1/2 hour none has appeared for the event it will be canceled for that week. For the event to take place at least 2 people must confirm that they will attend or the event will be canceled preemptively.

These events happen every year on a specific day or set of days within a time-frame. On occasion these events may also be supplemented with extra events to commemorate events or make up for missed events.
     Scooby-Doo Commemorative event.
         - Nov 1st
         - This event which occurs every year gives players a chance to earn extra Xp through an OOC mystery event. Actions in this event do not constitute IC happenings nor do they contribute to server lore. it is done exclusively for fun and stands and an unusual chance for players to just goof off a bit and be silly.

      These events are a staple for every player-world. They happen at random and can be about anything as defined by the DM running them. they may or may not have a lasting impact on the server depending on the DM's plans as well as the player's actions.

Scheduled & Requested Events
      These events have the distinction of being mostly character driven. They exist to develop a character and can be requested from a DM on forum or in game. DM's themselves may create these in a fashion similar to random events but with added benefit of players being able to plan for them to show up. DM scheduled events may or may not focus around a specific character and are essentially just random events that have been planned for ahead of time.


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